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The Berkley Common ~ Uncommonly Good
The Berkley Common serves as a vibrant collective space built to connect our communities through the experience of sharing simple food and drink in a rustic but comfortable setting inspired by Michigan tradition.

Situated on the corner of Griffith and historic 12 Mile in Berkley, MI, the BC is committed to telling the story of area’s past, present and future by offering a transitional American inspired menu with a twist, sourced from local purveyors.

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Our story continues by serving over 20 craft beers on tap from several of the state’s bespoke brewers. We also feature many unique beers from around the globe sure to please any serious beer connoisseur.

Don’t like beer, you say? We would love to mix you one of our artisanal cocktails or serve a small batch punch for your table. Our food is made from the freshest ingredients; small plate focused, and and conceived with our vast beer and cocktail program in mind. Whether you are having dinner out with family, looking to throw a party, or just seeking a place to gather with old or new friends, we hope you visit us soon at The Berkley Common.

Chef Patrick O'Donnell - Berkley Common


Patrick O’Donnell

Born in Michigan and raised in North Carolina, Patrick realized his love for food at a young age. Cooking side-by-side with his grandmother fueled his appreciation for the craft and for what we now know as “farm to table” cuisine. These early days of coming together at the table with friends and family inspired him, and sharing that experience and knowledge with guests who visit the restaurant feed his passion.


Patrick begin his career in the corporate world of restaurant management. He then enrolled in the prestigious Johnson and Wales College of Culinary Arts in Denver, Colorado, where the focus is not only to become a great chef but to change the way the world eats.


Moving to South Carolina after culinary school brought him once again closer to his family and an exciting, emerging “farm to table” culinary scene. While in Charleston, Patrick had the pleasure of working with outstanding chefs who shared the same passions of cooking with the freshest ingredients, provided by the many local farmers and purveyors of this great region.


Patrick brought his southern flare back to Michigan to open The Stand under Chef Paul Grosz. During his tenure at The Stand, he interacted with Chef Brian Polcyn, (author of Charcuterie), from whom he learned a great deal and continued to hone his talents. Then, provided the opportunity to work under Michel Symon in his Michigan restaurants, Patrick’s abilities to exceed the expectations of the guests and their palates was further enhanced.

Patrick lives with his wife and 5-year old son in Royal Oak. Cooking at home involves navigating Celiac disease and a dairy allergy, so Patrick focuses on new and inventive ways of making his dishes appealing as well as delicious for everyone to enjoy. He is excited to bring healthy food options with a tasteful touch to the Berkley Common. When not in the kitchen Patrick enjoys gardening, especially with his son.



a. Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint: common interests.

b. Of or relating to the community as a whole; public: for the common good.


a. A piece of open land of public use, especially in a village or town.

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